Helping Teachers Grow as Writers So Their Students Can Too

We believe teachers who write make the

best teachers of writers.





Because it is difficult to teach a craft you do not do yourself.

(How well would you learn to swim if your instructor had never been in the water?)



Because teacher-writers recognize that the writing process is highly individualized and not a linear progression that fits neatly onto a poster.



Because teacher-writers learn how fear and mindset affect writing and can recognize when they affect 

student-writers too.



Because when teachers write, they develop strategies for overcoming their fear and mindset roadblocks and can teach their student-writers how to do the same.



Because being a teacher-writer helps you plan your writing lessons and confer with your student-writers more effectively.



Because teacher-writers recognize the very important role writing for an authentic audience and being a part of a supportive writing community makes in the life of a writer.





How can we help you?



Teach Write Academy

If you are looking for learning opportunities and online workshops to help you grow as a writer, The Teach Write Academy is the place to go! 

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The Time to Write Workshop is our signature offering in

the Teach Write Academy. Join us for inspiration, community, connection, and writing time each week.

New sessions begin monthly and teacher-writers of ALL levels and writing abilities are welcome.


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Write with teacher-writers from around the world without leaving home

Time to Write Workshop for Teacher-Writers

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Writing challenges, daily check-ins, inspiration, connection & more


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Learn more about Teach Write and how being a teacher-writer helps you be a stronger teacher of writers in my Writeable podcast interview with

Dr. Troy Hicks

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Writing sparks, mindset resets, tips for teacher-writers, & MORE

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