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Find Your Writing Joy (Again) Workshop

 Next Session: Thursday, July 21, 2022
3:00 pm CT 

Have you stepped away from writing and can't seem to find your way back?


Does writing no longer bring you the joy it once did? 


After this workshop, you will:
Feel motivated to return to your writing
Learn how your frustration is actually working against you & how to feel better
Understand the cycle of creativity
Image by Ryan Snaadt

The Find Your Writing Joy (Again) Workshop with Writing Mindset Coach and Teach Write founder Jen Laffin will help you find your way back to the writing habit that once brought you so much joy, show you how to get past your writing blocks, and help you make a plan to write again.

This event is free for Teach Write Academy Members

"I used to love writing. I don't know why I don't anymore. "

Image by Marcos Paulo Prado

As a Writing Mindset Coach and the founder of Teach Write, I hear these words all the time.

Your writing habit is strong and then one day, it's not.


So if you're not writing, something must have gone wrong. Right?



Sitting around and pondering over why you no longer feel the desire to write is not going to get you writing. 

But I will teach you what will.


This event is free for Teach Write Academy Members

As a teacher, you know that when you're writing, you're a stronger writing teacher.

Teaching writing is easier and a lot more fun.

You are able to differentiate your lessons to meet the needs of all of your writers. (This is something a manual can't teach you, right?)

Your students sense your enthusiasm for writing and they become more engaged in their own writing practice.

It's a win-win for everyone.

So it's time to stop wondering what happened and where your writing joy went so that you can get back to the page.

It's time to take action.

We'll show you how.

Join Write Mindset Coach and Teach Write Founder Jen Laffin for the

Find Your Writing Joy (Again) Workshop

Thursday, July 21st at 3:00 pm Central

Where you'll learn:

  • Why your brain is making you think that something has gone wrong

  • How the cycle of creativity works

  • How to ease your way back into your writing habit 

  • How to create your ideal writing environment and routine

  • How to support your student-writers when they've lost their writing motivation too

This workshop is available to all educators (past, present, & future) and friends of education who want to return to an enjoyable writing practice.

It will be a fun and enlightening hour that is guaranteed to get you thinking differently about your writing life. 

Registration is just $10. (This workshop is free for Teach Write Academy members.)

This workshop will be recorded and shared with you if you cannot attend live and a PD certificate of participation is available for those who attend the workshop live.

Click the yellow button by 7/19 to register.

Questions? Email

Meet Jen

Jen Laffin is a former teacher who used to really struggle with teaching writing. It wasn't until after Jen started a writing practice for herself that she finally "got it" and turned her writing instruction around. In 2017, she left the classroom and founded Teach Write LLC to share what she learned and help other teachers grow as writers so their students could too. Through the Teach Write Academy, Jen serves teachers from around the world and offers online workshops to support and educate teachers about writing. Jen is also a certified Life and Mindset Coach and specializes in supporting writers and other creatives in overcoming their creative struggles so they can create the work they love. After learning a few mindset shifts, her writers experience a return to writing and the joy it once brought them. 
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