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Camping in Mountains

Teach Write Camp

A Six Week Virtual Writing Camp for Teachers!

The Summer Camp Vibes without the Summer Camp Problems!

Join us for a six week block of summer fun!  Beginning June 26 and lasting until August 6, we'll offer a variety of programs, workshops, and events to help YOU stretch and grow as a writer and as a teacher of writers.  We invite you to join us as we make our own summer fun in the pages of our notebooks while also earning summer badges and professional development hours.

What experiences can you expect to have at our "camp"?

Details on Summer Events

Rise & Shine Campers 

Tuesdays - Fridays @ 7 am - 8 am CST 

Join us in the morning to start your day off “write.”  No check ins and no goal setting, just pop in with your writing of choice, a cup of coffee, and write with a rotation of your camp counselors.  Begins June 27 and lasts for the duration of camp.

Fireside Cha

July 14 @ 7 pm CST & August 4 @ 7 pm CST

Show off the writing you have worked on over the course of our summer camp and tell us about your experiences in the different workshops and events you've participated in.  An informal open mic meets your standard show and tell event.

Postcard Pals

June 26 @ 2 pm CST & July 31 @ 2 pm CST

Get to know your campers in this kick off event in which we encourage you to write and send mail to your fellow Teach Write Camp participants.  Will you make a new summer pen pal?  We'll also come back at the end of the six weeks to share the mail we've received and our takeaways from this snail mail summer practice.

Two Ways to Enroll!

Details on
Writers Read
Book Club

Hosted every 3 weeks during, the first book we read is for inspiration, the second book is for writing, the third book is for teaching.

Before coming to camp, you'll need to read The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World by Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, & Douglas Abrams OR The Little Book of Joy. We will discuss this on June 26.   It is the perfect pairing of adult and children's books to welcome teachers K-12 to summer camp.  


Next, we'll read Out of Silence, Sound.  Out of Nothing, Something: A Writer’s Guide by Susan Griffin and discuss on July 16. This book offers some insights into how to embrace the creative in creative writing – whether it’s poetry or prose, fiction or nonfiction writing.

Our final meeting will be August 6 when we discuss better: a Teacher’s Journey: Project 180 by Monte Syrie.  This book focuses on the teacher and their classroom and comes at the end of summer as we begin to prepare to return to our own classrooms.

Details on Workshop Offerings

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