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The Cartonera Classrooms Project is a way to celebrate the student authors in your school or classroom. It is a student-centered publishing celebration that offers students the opportunity to write, revise, publish, illustrate and share a piece of their writing with an authentic audience of their peers, the community, the school and other classrooms around the world. 



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When your school, grade-level, or classroom becomes a Teach Write Cartonera Classroom, we offer you support and resources to help you every step of the way!


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Want to see the Teach Write Cartonera Classroom project in action? 

Schools around the country and around the world are participating in The Teach Write Cartonera Classrooms Project to connect students through the power of writing.


Becoming a Teach Write Cartonera Classroom is both easy and affordable! We provide all the support you need to help bring this project to life. 


If your school, grade-level, or classroom is looking for a fun, student-centered literacy project,

the  Teach Write Cartonera Classrooms Program is it! 


Students who participate in the Cartonera Classrooms Program experience the excitement of becoming a published author and the pride of sharing their writing with a real audience.



Interested in bringing The Cartonera Classrooms Project to your school or classroom?


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