3rd Annual
31-Day Writing Challenge
for Teacher-Writers

2021 Theme:
Feel the Fear
Write It Anyways

Join with other teacher-writers from around the world this October in the #TeachWritetober21
31-Day Writing Challenge.
Here at Teach Write, we believe that teachers who write make the best teachers of writing.
Our #TeachWritetober Challenge is just one way we help teachers immerse themselves in their writing practice so that they can become stronger writing teachers.
The goal for anyone participating in #TeachWritetober is to spend some amount of time writing every day in October. You decide how much time -- it can be a set amount of minutes every day or just a daily habit to visit the page.
All #TeachWritetober participants check in every day on an accountability spreadsheet to track their progress. Miss a few days? Don't be surprised if others come to check in on you!
How does the #TeachWritetober Challenge work?
  • Commit to working on your writing habit in some way every day in October.
  • Sign up here to let us know you are participating.
  • When you do, you will receive more information as well as emails with inspiration to help you keep going all month long.
  • Check-in on the daily accountability tracker every day whether you wrote or not.
  • Share your writing progress on your social media using #TeachWritetober21 and #TeachWrite.
What should you write?
We don't want "I don't know what to write" to stop you from visiting the page every day. So we will send you an Invite to Write email every morning to give you an idea.
The Invite to Write will span a variety of writing genres and you may even discover a new favorite genre.
Want to work on your own writing project? This is perfectly fine too! 
The point is that you will spend time with your writing craft in some way every day for 31 days. 
Need other ideas?
  • Write a poem a day
  • Revise a work in progress
  • Write a blog post
  • Complete Morning Pages (or Anytime Pages if mornings are rough for you)
  • Challenge yourself to explore writing in a new genre
  • Work on a draft of a book, journal article, etc.
  • Write in your notebook for 31 days straight
Are there prizes?
Registered participants who write every day (as indicated on the Accountability Tracker) will receive a special collection of writing-themed stickers.
The stickers would look amazing on your notebook, water bottle, or laptop to let everyone know that you ARE a writer.  
Want to Write With Friends?
We've got one of the BEST teacher-writer communities on earth! Join our Time to Write Workshop this October for community, support, inspiration & writing time. There are four session times each week to choose from. More information on Time to Write can be found here.
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What does it cost to participate in #TeachWritetober21?

Participation is free! 

How do I join?
Sign up here and get ready to write!


Sign up today & join us for #TeachWritetober21!

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