#TeachWritetober 2020

31 Day Writing Challenge

2020 Theme:

"Progress, Not Perfection"

Join with other teacher-writers from around the world this October in the #TeachWritetober20
31-Day Writing Challenge.
How does the #TeachWritetober challenge work?
  • Commit to working on your writing habit in some way every day in October.
  • Sign up here to let us know you are participating.
  • When you do, you will receive more information as well as emails with inspiration to help you keep going all month long.
  • Complete the daily accountability tracker that we send you.
  • Share your writing progress on your social media using #TeachWritetober20.
What do I write?
You can write or work on your writing any way you want. The point is that you will spend time with your writing craft in some way every day for 31 days. 
Need ideas?
  • Write poetry
  • Revise a work in progress
  • Write a blog post
  • Complete Morning Pages (or Anytime Pages if mornings are rough for you)
  • Challenge yourself to explore writing in a new genre
  • Work on a draft of a book, journal article, etc.
  • Write in your notebook for 31 days straight
Want to Write With Friends?
Join our Time to Write Workshop this October for community, support, inspiration & writing time! We meet four times a week on Zoom -- attend as many sessions as you'd like. More information can be found in the Teach Write Academy.
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What does it cost to participate in #TeachWritetober20?
Participation is free! Just sign up to let us know who we are writing with. 
How do I join?
Sign up here and get ready to write!
New Writer Swag This Year!
Why not give yourself the gift of a new notebook to hold all of the wonderful words you will write this October? Or how about a new coffee mug or t-shirt? 
Visit the Teach Write Redbubble Store for all of our latest swag to celebrate the writer in YOU!
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Sign up today & join us for #TeachWritetober20!

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