All of Teach Write's professional development

centers around our belief that

teachers who write make the best teachers of writers. 




We know that not everyone has had the greatest experience with

their own writing education. (Red pens, anyone?)


We know that teaching writing is challenging,

even with the best curriculum and that preparing writing samples to use for instruction is difficult if teachers are hesitant writers themselves.


We also know that most teachers never received enough formal training

in how to teach writing, leaving them unprepared for the demands of the writing classroom.

Teach Write's professional development programming leads teachers through an authentic experience with writing -- one that is purposeful, fulfilling, and confidence-building.


Much of what we do in our professional development programming is to get teachers writing and reflecting to see the correlations between their experience as a writer and the experiences their students have.






When teachers become more comfortable with their own writing, they approach the teaching of writing with more

purpose and clarity.

Their students become better writers. Curriculums are more effectively implemented and yield better results.



















Teach Write's professional development will help your staff see and experience this correlation first-hand.


It is the foundation of everything we do.






Our professional development sessions include a lot of WRITING.


And thinking.


And reflecting.


And connecting.


We then show teachers how to use what they learn about themselves as writers to support their own writing instruction. 
















Some topics we are especially passionate about incorporating into our professional development programs include:


  • Fitting It In: How making time for your own writing helps you make writing as a priority during the school day.

  • The Writing Process: An examination of your own writing process and how you can help students discover a process that works for them.

  • Writing Mindset: What are you telling yourself about your writing abilities? What are your students? Do you need a little dose of growth mindset when it comes to writing or writing instruction?

  • Overcoming Fear: Fear in writing is real. It takes the shape of procrastination, comparison, perfectionism, and excuse-making. (See any of these behaviors in your students?) How you learn to overcome your own fears with writing can help your students do the same.

  • Connection: How being a part of a writing community can enrich your life as a teacher-writer and help you be a better writing teacher? How can you build a writing community in your school or classroom? 

  • Empathy: Working through the hard parts of writing will help you gain a better appreciation for what you are asking your students to do.























Teach Write can custom design a professional development program for you and your school's individual needs.


We offer both on-site and virtual PD and coaching services.


To chat about how we can help you take your school's writing instruction to a new level, please contact us:


Teach Write, LLC

Jennifer Laffin, Founder



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"The Wheatland literacy teachers spent an amazing day with Jennifer Laffin learning about 'Teachers as Writers.'  She listened to our needs, gave our teachers practical advice and the time needed to process and reflect.  Our partnership will definitely continue as we continue our 'Flight to Excellence' at Wheatland."


- Drew Halbesma

Wheatland Center School Principal/

Director of Teaching & Learning

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