Why I Love the #TeachWrite Slow Chat and You Will Too by Donnetta Norris

In June of 2020, the #TeachWrite Twitter chat, once a one-night, fast-paced event, relocated to Facebook and transformed into a month-long s-l-o-w chat.

I love the new format of the #TeachWrite Facebook Slow Chat! Unlike the read-and-reply-before-the-tweet-gets-away-from-you Twitter chat, I can take my time and thoughtfully respond to each question at my leisure all month long. I have an entire month to go back as often as I want to peruse participant responses and reply to others in the comments.

Participating in the #TeachWrite Facebook Slow Chat positively impacts me as a teacher-writer and a writing teacher. It makes me think about the impact participating could have on your writing and teaching as well!


The slow chat’s month-long pace allows me more time to think about what each question is really asking. I can take the time I need to reflect and ensure I articulate exactly what I want to say. Consequently, I also find myself being more thoughtful and intentional when I write comments to others.

Since the focus of the chat is writing and teaching writing, many of the questions lead me to think about what I am doing to grow as a teacher-writer, such as writing every day, taking risks, and seeking feedback. I also reflect on how to help my Scholars grow into proficient, confident writers by writing each day, providing meaningful feedback, and providing authentic opportunities to write.