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Why I Love the #TeachWrite Slow Chat and You Will Too by Donnetta Norris

In June of 2020, the #TeachWrite Twitter chat, once a one-night, fast-paced event, relocated to Facebook and transformed into a month-long s-l-o-w chat.

I love the new format of the #TeachWrite Facebook Slow Chat! Unlike the read-and-reply-before-the-tweet-gets-away-from-you Twitter chat, I can take my time and thoughtfully respond to each question at my leisure all month long. I have an entire month to go back as often as I want to peruse participant responses and reply to others in the comments.

Participating in the #TeachWrite Facebook Slow Chat positively impacts me as a teacher-writer and a writing teacher. It makes me think about the impact participating could have on your writing and teaching as well!


The slow chat’s month-long pace allows me more time to think about what each question is really asking. I can take the time I need to reflect and ensure I articulate exactly what I want to say. Consequently, I also find myself being more thoughtful and intentional when I write comments to others.

Since the focus of the chat is writing and teaching writing, many of the questions lead me to think about what I am doing to grow as a teacher-writer, such as writing every day, taking risks, and seeking feedback. I also reflect on how to help my Scholars grow into proficient, confident writers by writing each day, providing meaningful feedback, and providing authentic opportunities to write.


I enjoy reading the responses of my fellow#TeachWrite chatters. Teacher-writers have great ideas, and generously share them throughout the chat. I usually come away with lists of ideas, resources, and strategies that I can use in my own writing practice and with my Scholars in the classroom. I have had to create a “To-Be-Read” list of all the great book suggestions that support and motivate student-writers.


As a member of the Teach Write Time To Write community, I know what it feels like to be supported and encouraged to show up to the page, take risks, and value my own words. For me, the Facebook chat has become a safe space in which I can be open and honest about my writing fears, the challenges that hinder what I want for my writing Scholars, and the celebrations.

I find it equally rewarding to read the replies that other teacher-writers make to my responses. Their encouraging words keep me motivated to stretch myself as a writer and to find ways to share what I am learning and practicing with the community of writers I am growing in the classroom.


All teacher-writers and writing teachers are invited to join the conversation in the #TeachWrite Slow Chat Facebook group.

The first week of every month features a new topic and a series of questions that are waiting for your reply!

You can explore the previous months’ chat topics and begin experiencing the same benefits I enjoy.

Come join the conversation.I know that you will be glad you did!

Donnetta Norris currently teaches 2nd-grade Scholars in Arlington, TX. She has a passion for reading and loves to read stories aloud and strives to diversify her classroom library so her Scholars see themselves in the texts they read. She is a member of the Teach Write Time To Write community, a facilitator of the #TeachWrite Slow Chat, and manages a blog titled The Rogue Scholar (, and can be found tweeting at @NorrisDonnetta.

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