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Wake Up & Write This March

If you've been thinking about joining our Time to Write Workshop, but the schedule hasn't quite worked for you, I've got GREAT news!

Our March Time to Write Workshop will continue to meet four times a week, using the same schedule/format (including goal setting/check-in, chatting, etc.).

BUT, for the month of March, I have added special Wake Up & Write sessions for our Time to Writers who can't make our evening session or who want to start (or end, depending on where you are) their day with some quiet writing time.

The Wake Up & Write sessions will take place every Tuesday - Friday in March from 6:00 - 7:00 am Eastern Time (please convert this to your time zone) and are open to anyone who registers for March's Time to Write Workshop.

Wake Up & Write will be quiet, drop-in writing times and will not include chatting or goal-setting as our evening sessions do.

Stay for as long as you'd like and leave when you need to go. Whatever works for you!

When you sign up for Time to Write in March, you can come to as many Wake Up & Write sessions as you'd like each week AND to any other Time to Write workshops.

That's up to EIGHT opportunities to see your writing friends each week!

I hope you will join us in March! I am truly excited about this new benefit and would love to see you there.

You can find more information and register for March's Time to Write Workshop in the Teach Write Academy here.

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Together we write better,


Jen Laffin is the founder of Teach Write LLC and Write Mindset Coaching. She loves to help teachers grow as writers because when they do, their students do too! Jen invites you to be a part of the Teach Write Community by joining one of the workshops for teacher-writers inside the Teach Write Academy.

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