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The Writing Round-Up {7.15.20}

Welcome to the July 15, 2020 edition of the Teach Write Writing Round-Up, the space where I gather tips for teaching writing and for growing as a teacher who writes.

This summer, the Writing Round-Up will be coming to you on the 1st and 15th of the month.

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Now, onto the tips...

Telling Their Stories:

Our multilingual students need space to tell their stories. Will you provide it? Read "Lifting the Voices of Multilingual Student-Writers" by ESOL Teacher Emily Rosenblum.

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Students as Writers:

Want to improve the way you teach writing? Pay attention to the ways students talk about their writing and about themselves as writers. Teacher Erica Johnson explains more in "Student Feedback and Real Change."

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Bloggers Wanted:

If you have a story about being a teacher-writer or would like to share a writing experience from your classroom, we want to know about it for possible publication on the Teach Write Blog. Get started by filling out this form. Then check out the recent blog posts written by a few of the teacher-writers from our Teach Write Community here.

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Starting a Teacher's Notebook:

Do you have lesson plan ideas in one place and teaching goals in another? Then notes on podcasts, professional books, and PD sessions in other places? If this sounds like you, then you should try keeping a teacher’s notebook. Check out Leigh Anne Eck’s post on Pencils, Pages, and Practices to help you stay organized this school year.

Authentic Writing & COVID-19:

In the article, Writing Our Way Through: What Teaching During COVID-19 Can Teach Us about the Power of Authentic Writing, MC Walker explains that the purpose of writing goes beyond the standard and objective. Read how his experience with teaching writing during the pandemic showed him the “power of composition, both written and multimodal” and how he is going to take this learning back to his classroom in the fall.

Publishing Opportunities for Students:

Angela Stockman has gathered a bounty of writing contests, publication opportunities, and other cool things for students and made them available to everyone. You can check it out here.

Writing into August:

Don't let summer end without getting some words on the page. When you join the Time to Write Workshop, you are not dedicating some time to writi