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The Writing Round-Up {5.23.20}

Welcome to the May 23, 2020 edition of the Teach Write Writing Round-Up. Thank you for stopping by!

Every week, I gather tips for teaching writing and for growing as a teacher who writes and put them right here in the Writing Round-Up.

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Now, onto this week's tips...

Benefits of Longhand Writing:

Do you prefer to write with a pen and paper, or do you prefer to type on the computer? Did you know there are advantages to writing longhand? Before you sit down and begin clicking your next piece of writing, read “The Unexpected Benefits of Writing Longhand” to see just how this process may help you as a writer.

Tips for Writing Professional Books:

Katie Cunningham, the author of Start with Joy, shares her experience with writing professional books and has a few tips for how to “get comfortable with the uncomfortable” in this Two Writing Teachers post.

Video Writing Prompts:

Jason Reynolds, the National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, has started a new initiative called “GRAB THE MIC: Tell Your Story” with a series of videos to inspire creativity in young people and adult writers too.

Daily Writing Instruction:

Writing is an essential skill for students, yet consistent and intentional writing instruction doesn’t happen in all classrooms. In this Interview, “Reading is Like Breathing in: Writing is Like Breathing out”, Pam Allyn discusses why “teachers and administrators should support the daily instruction and practice of writing skills.”

Beyond the Writing Hook:

If you are a teacher-writer, you have probably taught a lesson on writing hooks, or you at least know the importance of hooking your reader. But how do you hold on to your reader once you 'hook' them? In this podcast, Ann Kroeker shares tips on “How to Hook and Hold Your Readers” and get them to the end of your writing piece.

Writing Tips to Persevere:

Have you put a writing project on hold, or has life prevented you from finishing a project? Check out these tips to persevere and rise above your obstacles in “The Hidden Gem of Time - Four Tips For Encouraging Glimmering Words.”

Tips to Stay Positive:

When you have faced rejection, failure, or criticism, how did you stay positive? Sara Crawford, a playwright, author, and musician, shares how she lifts herself in the face of rejection in “7 Ways to Stay Positive As A Writer.”

Building Your Writing Identity:

All of us here at Teach Write believes that teachers who write make the best teachers of writers. But do you identify yourself as a writer? In his post, “The Writing Identity of Teachers,” Alan J. Wright shares the importance of building a writing identity so that you can improve your writing instruction.

#TeachWrite Chat is On the Move!

To allow for deeper discussion and connection, the #TeachWrite Chat is moving from Twitter to its own Facebook group and will now be a monthlong slow chat. Join us here to connect & converse!

Time to Write in June:

Registration for the June session of the Time to Write! Online Writing Workshop for Educators is now open. Make writing time a priority in your life while getting together with other teacher-writers once a week to chat, connect, and write together. Writers of ALL levels are welcome. Read more here.


That's all for this week's edition of the Teach Write Writing Round-Up. I will see you again next week with more tips!

Write away!


Looking for a writing group?

Visit the Teach Write Academy to learn more about the Time to Write workshop. New sessions begin monthly.



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