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The Writing Round-Up {4.25.20}

Welcome to the April 25, 2020 edition of the Teach Write Writing Round-Up. Thank you for stopping by!

Every week, I gather tips for teaching writing and for growing as a teacher who writes and put them right here in the Writing Round-Up.

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Now, onto this week's tips...

Writing Interventions:

How can you make writing interventions more engaging? Teach Write blogger Dr. Jennifer Floyd has some tips for you in "Keep it Short."

How to Build a Community of Writers:

School principal and Teach Write blogger Liz Garden feels that before a school can have a community of student-writers, it needs adult writers to lead the way. Read "It Starts with the Adults" here.

Curiosity in the Writing Workshop:

In “Cultivating Curiosity in the Writer’s Workshop,” a session in the Spring 2020 #EdCollabGathering, Jill Davidson explains how the first step in cultivating curiosity in the writer’s workshop begins with educators. Jill invites us to reflect on our lives as writers and teachers of writers in hopes of sparking our own curiosities and help our students spark their own.

Student-Created Writing Curriculum:

Teachers know that student engagement is essential to student learning. But what might happen if teachers hand students the reins to their own learning? Matthew Johnson shows us how and why he is allowing his students to make their own decisions in “Choosing Their Own Path: Why My Students Will Create Their Own Writing Curriculum Over the Next Nine Weeks”.

Keeping a Notebook:

“Writing together is a gift.” Amy Ludwig VanDerwater shares a new video series for children and all writers who want someone to write with during this time of COVID-19. Join Amy from her writing camper, Betsy, in “Keeping a Notebook” where she shows fun and different ways to write in a notebook.

Bullet Journals for Writers:

Do you keep a bullet journal? There are many ways to use bullet journals, but this post, “5 Bullet Journal Layouts for Writers” at Imagine Forest, shows five layouts specifically for writers.

Writing Changes the World:

You may not think your writing can change the world, but it does impact those around you. Maya Spikes shares three ways your writing can become a “powerful tool changing how people see the world around them.” So, how are you going to make history today?

Publishing Tips:

Are you a writer who is ready to venture out into the world of publishing? Then check out “Seven Submission Tips From a Literary Agent’s Slush Pile” from Amber Wyss, an author and a literary agent intern who has been on both sides of the writing journey.

Time to Write:

Registration for the May session of the Time to Write online writing workshop is NOW OPEN! Join other teacher-writers for some dedicated writing time each week. Workshops meet on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings or on Thursday mornings (NEW!!). You can find out more and register here.


That's all for this week's edition of the Teach Write Writing Round-Up. I will see you again next week with more tips!

Write away!


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