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The Writing Round-Up {2.01.20}

Welcome to the February 1, 2020 edition of the Teach Write Writing Round-Up. Thank you for stopping by!

Every week, I gather tips for teaching writing and for growing as a teacher who writes and put them right here in the Writing Round-Up.

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Now, onto this week's tips...

School Writing vs Authentic Writing:

If you are looking for ways to bring more authentic writing to your classroom, you'll find lots of ideas in this post from Ken Lindblom and the Writers Who Care website.

Making Writing Moves Clear:

Ever wonder what goes through a writer's mind as they are writing? One NY Times reporter annotates his writerly thoughts and decision making process in this "Annotated by the Author" post. This would be great to share with students!

Kate Dicamillo on Character Development & Dialogue:

Author Kate Dicamillo talks about the importance of dialogue in character development in this podcast from the Institute for Writers.

Are You a Notebooker?

Dr. Stephanie Affinito shares her love of notebooking and some wonderful resources for this important writing habit in her post, "A Collection of Notebooking Resources."

Overcoming Writer's Block:

Writer's block happens to all of us. Check out "What Great Writers Do About Writer's Block" for ideas to unblock yourself.

Looking for Your Writing Group?:

The February Teach Write Time to Write Online Writing Workshop is starting this week! We meet on either Tuesday or Wednesday evenings online via Zoom. More info and registration can be found here.

Let's Chat:

Please join us for our next #TeachWrite Twitter Chat on Monday, February 3, 2020 at 7:00 pm ET. February's theme is I {HEART} Writing. Everyone is welcome! (You can sign up for a text reminder here.)


That's all for this week's edition of the Teach Write Writing Round-Up. I will see you again next week with more tips!

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Write away!


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