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The Writing Round-Up {12.5.20}

Welcome to the December 5, 2020 edition of the Teach Write Writing Round-Up, the space where I gather tips for teaching writing and for growing as a teacher who writes.

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Now, onto the tips...

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Journaling: Permission to Pause:

Need to slow down a bit during these crazy days? Journaling may be the answer! Check out "Giving Myself Permission to Pause" by teacher-writer Heather Morris to see how journaling helped her develop a practice of self-love and compassion.

Giving Thanks:

In this time of thanksgiving, have you thought about being thankful for your writing journey? Middle-grade author Rebecca J. Allen shares her writing journey gratitude list in this blog post. It might just inspire you to write one of your own.

Writing in 2021:

It's not too early to commit to making writing a part of your life in 2021! Sign up for our Time to Write Workshop and spend time writing with an amazing group of other teacher-writers who will show you the way. More information and registration can be found in the Teach Write Academy.

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Writing with Our Senses:

Check out this fun lesson for using the sense of taste for creative writing in the classroom. Teacher-writers also could use “Tasty Inspiration for Creative Writing” as a springboard for poems or notebook entries.

Show, Don’t Tell:

The article “Why ‘Show, Don’t Tell’ is a Golden Rule of Creative Writing” gives examples and writing exercises to practice this craft move as teacher-writers and as possible lessons to bring to your classrooms.

Humor in Writing:

Does your writing need a lift? Try adding some humor to it with these five “secret weapons” from The Writing Cooperative in “Five Rules of Humor to Make Your Writing Memorable.”

Stickers Make GREAT gifts!:

Check out our collection of writer-themed stickers in our Teach Write Sticker Shop. Free shipping to the US.

Image of the stickers that are available in the Teach Write Sticker Shop

Coming in January to the Teach Write Academy:


That's all for this edition of the Teach Write Writing Round-Up. I will see you again next time with more tips!

Write away!

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