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The Writing Round-Up {10.24.20}

Welcome to the October 24, 2020 edition of the Teach Write Writing Round-Up, the space where I gather tips for teaching writing and for growing as a teacher who writes.

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Now, onto the tips...

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Paragraph Power:

Why do we need paragraphs and when do we start a new one anyway? Check out "Paragraphs: Give Us a Break" and find out!

The Poetry Connection:

How can writing benefit readers in the most efficient and effective way possible? Bridget Magee has the answer for you in "Connecting to Readers Through Poetry."

Sticker LOVE:

I have just added five new stickers to the Teach Write Sticker Shop! These stickers are very high-quality, thick vinyl that are perfect for laptops, notebooks, water bottles & MORE! FREE shipping to the US. Check them all out here.

Image of I can do hard things sticker from the Teach WRite Sticker Shop

Image of I am a Writer Sticker from the Teach Write Sticker Shop

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Your Writing Community Awaits:

Do you want to become a teacher-writer, but just can't seem to find the time or motivation? We can help! Join the other teacher-writers of the Time to Write Workshop this November for regular writing time, connection, & a community beyond compare. Registration is now open. We are waiting for you!

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Finding Writing Ideas:

Where is the best place to find writing ideas? According to Merry Goodman, a romance writer, the answer is simple: real life. In this interview at The Write Practice, Merry shares her thoughts about finding story ideas in everyday life and gives practical advice for ALL writers.

Finding Connection:

Are you tired of ZOOM video chats? Do you still have too much screen time? Are you becoming more distanced from those you love? Maybe you should try writing letters. In this op-ed from the Los Angeles Times, Lynell George finds letter writing to be a better way to connect and bridge the distance between others. It just might be time to find that stationery hidden in the desk drawer!

Facing Your Writing Fears:

You are invited to join me on Monday, October 26 at 7:00 pm Eastern for a special conversation about writing fears. You'll learn what some of the most common writing fears are as well as how to push past them. Registration is FREE and can be found here.

Image of webinar information for facing your writing fears. Webinar is Monday, october 26 at 7 pm eastern. Sign up at


That's all for this edition of the Teach Write Writing Round-Up. I will see you again next time with more tips!

Write away!

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Looking for a writing group?

Visit the Teach Write Academy to learn more about the Time to Write workshop. New sessions begin monthly.

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