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The Best of the 2019 Teach Write Writing Round-Up - Part 2 {12.28.19}

Welcome to Part 2 of the "Best of the Teach Write Writing Round-Up of 2019".

Every week, I gather tips for teaching writing and for growing as a teacher who writes and put them right here all in one place. The last two weeks of the year, I revisit many of my favorites from the past year and share them with you again.

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Now, onto the tips!

More Choice Writing:

We know how important it is that we offer students a lot of choice in their reading lives, but do we extend the same invitation to their writing lives? Matthew Johnson explores why students need more choice writing time in "Why You Should Probably Be Doing More Choice Writing (and How to Make It Happen."

Supporting ELL Writers:

I love these tips for scaffolding writing for English Language Learners from Valentina Gonzalez and the Seidlitz Education website. These scaffolds are helpful at any grade level and in any content area so check it out.

Developing Students' Writing Identity:

How do you help students' develop their own identities as writers? Pernille Ripp shares her thoughts in "I Am Not a Writer--On Developing Student Writing Identity."

Take Time for Quick Writes:

Don't have time for a full session of writing workshop? Want to incorporate writing into your content areas? Check out "Provide More Writing Opportunities with Quick Writes" from the Stenhouse blog and Paula Bourque.

Writing Resources Galore:

The NCTE website has a very nice list of resources for teaching writing. From resolutions to books to lesson ideas, you can find them all here.

Gratitude Journaling:

Writing down what you're thankful for has many, many benefits. Check out this post from KQED News to learn more. (Students can benefit from gratitude journaling as well!)

Dyslexia & Writing:

Writing can provide a release for those who struggle with dyslexia, as comedian Suzi Ruffel explains in "A New Start" from The Guardian. How can you use writing in your classroom to support students with dyslexia?

Writing in the Age of the Typewriter:

As someone who grew up writing 'term papers' on a typewriter (my parents gifted me an electric typewriter when I graduated 8th grade), I really enjoyed the post, "Do We Write Differently on a Screen?" from The New Yorker. Turns out that maybe writing was different back before automation.

Writing Sparks for the HS Classroom:

Looking for some fun writing ideas for your high school classroom? Betsy Potash and the We Are Teachers website share some fun ones in "Ten Fresh Writing Prompts for High School English." (#3 & #9 are my favorites!)

The 100 Best Websites for Writers:

The Write Life has put together an amazing list of websites and resources for writers. Check out their 2019 list here.

YouTube Channels for Writers:

If you enjoy watching videos, here is a list of 15 of the best YouTube channels for writers.

Managing Independent Writing:

Does thinking about a classroom (or classrooms) of students each working on a different writing project have you shutting down your workshop before you even begin? If so, then you MUST read "Managing Independent Writing" from Rebecca O'Dell and Moving Writers. Her solution for record keeping is brilliant!

Editing & Revising: What's the Difference?:

What's the difference between editing and revising? Many students (and maybe even a few teachers) think they are the same thing, but their job is quite different. Read more here.

Talking to Parents About Writing:

Melanie Meehan explores how teachers can educate caregivers on the many facets of writing and teach them that writing is much more than spelling and punctuation in her Two Writing Teachers post, "Talking to Caregivers about Conventions and Spelling."

Is it Time for You to Write?

If joining a writing group is on your list for 2020, consider joining the January Time to Write Online Writing Workshop in our Teach Write Academy. Meet with teacher-writers from around the country one night a week to work on your writing -- and never leave home! More info can be found here.

Mark Your Calendar:

Join us for the next #TeachWrite Twitter Chat on Monday, January 6 at 7:00 PM ET. Our topic is Writing into 2020. Come share your writing goals for the new year and check out what everyone else has planned. You can sign up for a text reminder here.


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Write away!


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