Quick Write Sparks to Kindle the Poet in All of Us by Paula Bourque

What is a Quick Write?

Over the coming months, I will stop by this Teach Write blog share a few ways you can use quick writes in your classroom and in your own writing life.

Before we begin exploring these ideas, let me share the meaning of the term 'quick write.'

  • A quick write is a short (5-10 minutes) and frequent (daily) burst of low-stakes writing in response to a “spark."

  • Quick writes are true to their name -- they do not involve planning, revising, or overly cautious forethought.

  • Quick writes constitute thinking on paper that helps the writer creatively explore ideas while boosting their volume of writing.

  • Quick writes are not writing prompts. Writers may choose NOT to write to the spark , but instead may choose their own response that was inspired by the spark.

  • Quick writes are never graded.

  • Quick writes can easily become a springboard for future writing. The writer can take time to revisit quick writes when they are in need of a writing idea.

  • Quick writes encourage the writer to play on paper. Writers may make lists, mind maps, narratives, sketchnotes, doodles, labels, or a combination of formats.