Writing Intervention: Keep It Short by Dr. Jennifer Floyd

There are students in our classrooms who need writing interventions that are above and beyond regularly provided instruction.

Often, just providing additional time for students to write is the best place to start with students who need extra support.

When students are struggling readers, we know that they need time interacting with texts in order to develop and practice their skills.

The same is true for student-writers.

They need time to practice what they’ve learned above and beyond their regular instructional time.

Whether this additional time is provided by the literacy interventionist, the classroom teacher, or another adult, it doesn't have to be long to be effective. I've found that even ten minutes will do the trick.

While ten minutes may not seem significant, I discovered that these minutes made a difference for my intervention students. For students who struggle with writing, ten minutes is a good amount of time to get some words on the page without g