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July Workshops for Teacher-Writers

The Teach-Write Academy has an amazing lineup of workshops to help you grow as a teacher-writer this July!

To learn more about each workshop, visit the Teach Write Academy by clicking here or on each workshop image.

Image of course schedule for the Teach Write Academy in July 2021

Image for Blogging Basics Workshop

Have you always wanted to start a blog, but didn't know where to begin? Teacher-writer and blogger Donnetta Norris will walk you through everything in her fun, hands-on Blogging Basics Workshop.

Mindful Journaling Workshop Image

Stressed? Join teacher & writer Karen J. McLean in her Mindful Journaling Workshop to learn how mindful journaling can help you sharpen your observation skills, improve your focus, and train your mind to "just be." A great treat for the tired writer inside you!

The Writing Teacher Writes Workshop image

Teachers who write make the best teachers of writers! Join teacher-writer Elisa Waingort in The Writing Teacher Writes Workshop to explore your journey as a writer & how you can use what you've learned about writing from your own writing practice to become a stronger writing teacher.

time to write workshop image

Meet up with your writing friends up to three times a week in our July edition of the Time to Write Workshop. If you are looking for a writing community to nurture you as a writer, a teacher, and a person, this is it!

write your story memoir workshop image

Memoir is a hot, hot, hot genre! Join teacher-writer and memoirist, Pamela Fordham, for an introduction to the genre of memoir writing. Get ready to tell your story in the Write Your Story Workshop this July.

exploring instructional technology image

Experience many of the wonderful ways that technology can engage students and enrich your writing instruction when YOU become the student in this Exploring Instructional Technology to Inspire Student Writing Workshop with technology coach Andrea Payan.

stories from the classroom workshop image

Have an amazing classroom practice that you'd like to share with others in the form of a book or journal article? In the Stories From the Classroom Workshop, Dr. Cherylann Schmidt will get you started on a practitioner inquiry project that can help you do just that!

Focus on Fiction Workshop image

Do you feel the call of a story stirring inside you? Join teacher-writer Erica Johnson to begin to learn the ins and outs of writing a great story in her Focus on Fiction Workshop.

Playing with poetry workshop image

Summer is the perfect time for play and poetry is the perfect genre for playful writing! Come explore some new forms of poetry for your own writing and your classroom with teacher-writer and poet Christie Wyman in her Playing with Poetry Workshop.

the write mindset workshop image

Procrastination? Self-doubt? Imposter syndrome? Perfectionitis? Mindset coach and Teach Write founder Jen Laffin leads you on a journey to help you overcome the fears that hold all creatives captive from time to time in The Write Mindset Workshop. You'll never look at writer's block the same way again!

To learn more about each workshop, visit the Teach Write Academy by clicking here or on each workshop image.

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