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Instilling Writing Confidence in Students by Cathleen Hutter

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“I am a writer.”

I still struggle to say these words.

In fact, I doubt myself right now as I attempt to write my first blog post ever.

But when I need to boost my writing confidence, a teacher’s words and actions from over 30 years ago flood my mind. These words remain on my heart and uplift this writer’s soul.

Ms. Paul, the yearbook advisor, is the teacher whose words still impact my life today. She tapped me to be the literary editor. Honestly, I was a shy, quiet teenager and this terrified me.

She looked over some of my articles and blurbs and highlighted the strengths she saw within each piece. I still recall sitting next to her and my grin growing larger with each point she shared with me.

Ms. Paul told me that writing was a talent of mine. Her confidence in my ability radiated off of her and into my inner self.

She encouraged me to share my writing publicly. I felt vulnerable, but I accepted the editor position. I wrote feature pieces and poems for posterity.

I never would have accepted the role of literary editor without the powerful words she poured into me. She called me a WRITER- yes, a writer- something I had always dreamed of being.