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Growing as a Teacher-Writer with Your One Little Word

It was around 2008 when I began the tradition of choosing one word as a personal theme for the coming year.

I would use this word to help me make decisions, to meditate, to write about, to reflect, to get creative, and to push me forward when necessary.

Word such as...

FLY helped me make brave decisions.

FAITH reminded me to trust that I would have what I needed when I needed it. (Including new writing ideas.)

FOCUS was my word for 2019. (I'll admit I didn't do too well with that one as I had many irons in the fire this past year.)


As we get ready to begin a new year, I'm challenging you to choose a One Little Word that can help move you forward with your writing.

A word that will give you a nudge.

Maybe one that will push you outside your writing comfort zone.

Need an idea?

SHARE: Bravely release your words into the presence of others, including your students

EXPAND: Challenge yourself to write in new ways or genres

NOTICE: Pledge to keep an eye open for writing ideas & inspiration

GROW: Learn something new about writing or teaching writing every month

BEGIN: If you've wanted to write but haven't begun, now's the time

FINISH: Push yourself to finish the projects you begin

CELEBRATE: Focus on the good in your (and your students') writing & writing life

BRAVE: Do something new in regards to writing that you've been nervous to try

NOTE: Start a regular notebooking habit to document the days of your life

HABIT: Write every day, even if it's just for five minutes

RELAX: Just write & don't worry about those red pen rules

WRITE: Set a writing goal for each day, week, or month

PERSEVERE: Keep writing no matter what

FOCUS: Say "no" to other things so you can say "yes" to your writing


One Little Words are typically chosen at the beginning of the year, but anytime is a good time to begin.

Can't decide? Why not pick a different word for each month and find a way to incorporate that word into your own writing or writing classroom?

Which word will you choose?

Let's keep in touch!

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