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Get Your Write On This July!


The days are long.

The sun is shining.

The lesson plans have been put away. (Or will be soon!)

Take some time for yourself this summer and work on that writing habit you've always wanted.

This July in the Teach Write Academy, we have three workshops to meet a variety of needs and wants for teacher-writers:


I am {NOT} a Writer:

If you are someone who has always wanted to write (but keeps coming up with reasons why they can't) or who does write, but struggles to tell others (especially your students), "I am a writer," the I am {NOT} a Writer Workshop is the one for you!

Join us to explore the role our mindset, fear, imposter syndrome, comparison, and perfectionism play in our ability to enjoy our writing life and own the fact that you are, indeed, a writer.

This is a welcoming, gentle way to immerse yourself in the writing life you've always wanted so that when you return to school in the fall, you can tell your students "I AM a writer" with ease.

Read more about the I am {Not} a Writer course here.


Notebooking 101: Knowing and Growing Your Writer's Notebook:

Interested in learning about the many ways to keep a notebook? Join us for Notebooking 101 this July.

Whether you are a writer looking to gather sparks for writing or simply want a place to record the happenings of life, the notebook is the place to begin!

Learn ways to build a notebooking habit, resources to become a stronger notebooker, and how you can bring your notebooking habit into your writing and writing instruction in this fun-filled, active class.

Read more about Notebooking 101: Knowing and Growing Your Writer's Notebook here.


Time to Write Writing Workshop for Teacher-Writers:

Looking for a writing group? Want to begin a regular writing habit? Working on a project and need some accountability to get yourself to the page? You'll find it all in the Time to Write Workshop this July!

Gather together with teacher-writers from around the country to connect over writing and teaching writing. You'll find the inspiration, support, and writing time you need to get your writing done.

This is a friendly, supportive group that is perfect for ALL teacher-writers -- new, newer, and growing -- who encourage and support each other as we all grow our writing lives.

This July, Time to Write particip