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Five Reasons Why Writing Community Matters

5 reasons why writing community matters

We know what it's like to write alone, but what makes being a part of a writing community so special?

I recently asked the teacher-writers in my Time to Write Workshop this question.

Here's what they said:

  1. Writing with others holds you accountable to showing up and doing what you say you are going to do. There's no skipping out on writing time if someone is expecting and looking for you.

  2. Talking with a group offers a variety of perspectives, ideas, and suggestions that can take your writing in directions you hadn't even thought of.

  3. You realize that your mindset setbacks are not unique. Every writer experiences doubt, imposter syndrome, and comparison from time to time. You learn new strategies for dealing with these.

  4. You make new friends with a shared interest. Then you put your writing time on your calendar because you get to see those friends.

  5. Listening to others share their writing goals inspires your own writing goals. You try new genres of writing that stretch you outside your comfort zone.

Want to join us and experience all of this for yourself?

Time to Write Workshop is waiting for you! Click here to join us.

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