Five Reasons Pressing 'Publish' is Good for You

Image: Five Reasons Pressing Publish is Good for You

In my Time to Write Workshop and Write Mindset Coaching business, I continuously encourage my teacher-writers to share their writing beyond the boundaries of their own notebooks.

Sharing our words with others makes many of us nervous. Releasing our words out into the care of others is definitely an act of bravery because we can never be 100% sure how they will be received.

But pushing 'publish' also has some pretty amazing benefits too!

Five Reasons You Need to Push 'Publish':

#1: It shows your writing fears who is in charge.

When you push 'publish' or 'share,' you are showing your writing fears that you are the boss of your writing life, not them. Often, fears such as comparison, perfectionism, imposter syndrome, and procrastination gang up on us to try to keep control. Our writing fears are like a bully in our brain that tries to convince us that we are not writers. Pushing publish shows them that you are.