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February Workshops for Teacher-Writers

If you are a teacher who loves to write or who wants to grow as a writer, check out one of our workshops for teacher-writers this February inside the Teach Write Academy:

Time to Write Workshop:

Time to Write is our signature workshop where teacher-writers from around the world gather together to conversation, connection, and writing time. Time to Write has four drop-in sessions a week to fit every schedule and interest. Bring your writing and get ready to connect with the greatest teacher-writers on earth! More information about Time to Write can be found here.

Title image of time to write workshop

Blogging Basics with Donnetta Norris:

Blogging is a fantastic way to develop your writing voice and to share your writing with an authentic audience. Join teacher-blogger Donnetta Norris for this three-week workshop where Donnetta will walk you through setting up a blog, customizing your blog, writing posts, sharing your posts, and answer just about any question you have. If you've been waiting to start a blog, now is the time! More information about Blogging Basics can be found here.

Blogging basics workshop image

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