Come Flaneur with Me! by Sue Rounds


I ran across this term on Twitter and I was intrigued.

Flaneur image 1
What is a flaneur?

For creative purposes, flaneurs use photos to chronicle interesting and beautiful places in their travels around the world. The hashtag #flaneur on Twitter shows endless photographs documenting streets, artwork, and many other sights. A quick google search reveals articles, magazines, and other hits with similar quests.

While exploring the hashtag, I saw a single entry about a “Flaneur Journal.” The lightbulb went off! I ran (okay—drove) to Staples and purchased a new notebook and started writing.

Using the idea of stories in photographic art, I made a habit of taking a photo (often imperfect) of something during my day. I printed the photo, taped it into my “Flaneur Journal,” and wrote!

Sometimes, writing about a picture gave me an idea for a WIP (work in progress) and other times it evoked a memory or a story to share with my students.

I spent the summer using photographs to stimulate my own writing and thinking.

Flaneur image 1
Well, hello there!<