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Choosing a Word of the Month in 2021 by Christie Wyman

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2021 feels like the right time for trying something new and switching things up a bit. Doesn’t it?

Usually, this is the time of the year that I choose my One Little Word (OLW) for the new year. But this year, I’m going to try a Word of the Month instead.

My hope is that picking a new word every month will give me some focus and purpose, two things that have been -- for me at least -- sporadic in 2020. One month isn’t terribly long, so focusing on one word or goal for just 30-ish days feels very manageable.

In the past, selecting one word (OLW) and sticking with it for twelve months has been daunting. If I’m not doing “the thing,” then I feel bad. Who needs guilt these days?

If I choose a new word every month and that word isn’t working for me, I can ditch it and move on. Or, alternatively, if its really working for me, I can stick with it for as long as it feels right. This may be a fresh take on a New Year’s resolution!

My goal is to choose words that will guide and scaffold my writing life and beyond. They won’t be words that box me in. On the contrary! They will be words that will allow me to spread my wings and fly. Words like listen, make, contribute, play, and edit.

Will you join me? What's your word for January?

You can join the Teach Write Community Facebook Group to share your Word of the Month in a special Invite to Write every month. Join us here.

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