Building Classroom Community Through Writing by Erica Johnson

Post image: Building community through writing

This year I started school with an invitation.

I invited students to discuss what they think a community is and how it applies to the classroom. They quickly touched on the idea that community is about people who usually hold common beliefs and values and come together for a common goal or purpose.

I experienced the power of community this summer. It was not a physical community, but an online community of teachers and writers: Teach Write.

The purpose of the Teach Write community is to support and grow together as writers and educators. However, we also serve as supports beyond writing and the classroom. In this community, I feel seen and heard.

I want to build my class as a community like that. I want the connection, routines, and trust established in Teach Write’s Time to Write Workshop to come along with me into my classroom.

On August 24, I was able to make that happen. Within the first week my classroom had established blogs, daily writing practices, and engaged in routines just as I had experienced in the Time to Write workshop.