Beginning Your Journey as a Poet by Christie Wyman

My last two Poetry Ponderings were invitations encouraging the reading of poetry in your life and in your classroom. Now it’s time to start writing your own poetry.

Let's take a poetic journey, one small step at a time. Together.

As with all forms of writing, we’re better teachers of writers when we write ourselves. If we want to teach our students to write poetry, we need to give it a try first.

So here goes! Grab a notebook and your favorite pen and let's give it a try together!

Your Invite to Write

Let’s start with two forms of poetry that have a bit of structure to follow, but no hard and fast rules, per se. No rhyming, no word count, no iambic pentameter.

The List Poem

One of my favorite poetic forms is the List Poem.

It’s just as it sounds -- a list of words with a few transitions thrown in to smooth things out.

Here's how to write a List Poem:

  1. Choose a topic -- serious or silly.

  2. Jot a list related to your topic -- I listed sights, sounds, and feelings that came to mind when I think of summer. When appropriate, carefully word your list items to make them more powerful. Perhaps ending with an opposite will give you your twist. Surprise your reader!

  3. Give your poem a title -- Your title can either be your topic from step 1 or you could alter your title so it draws in your readers. After searchi