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Are You Slicing This March?

The 14th annual Slice of Life Challenge begins on March 1st over on the Two Writing Teachers website.

Are you slicing this year?

Slice of Life  logo image

The Slice of Life Challenge is a wonderful way to build your writing habit, write for an authentic audience, and meet other teacher-writers who are doing the same. (You could even win a prize!)

What is the Slice of Life Challenge? Find out here

Where do you sign up ? Here's the link to the Two Writing Teachers' #SOL21 Participant Information Form

I know that many of you in our Teach Write Community participate in this challenge every year and plan to do so again this year.

If you do, your friends here at Teach Write want to make sure that we can support you by reading your posts and leaving you some comment love.

Please add your blog information on this Google Form to help us create a database of Teach Write Slicers.

Not slicing? You can still support your Teach Write friends by using our Teach Write Slicer database to find the blogs of the Teach Write Slicers and leave them some comment love. (Bookmark this page so you can find it easily.)

You ARE a writer!


Jen Laffin is the founder of Teach Write LLC and Write Mindset Coaching. She loves to help teachers grow as writers because when they do, their students do too! Jen invites you to be a part of the Teach Write Community by joining one of the workshops for teacher-writers inside the Teach Write Academy.

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