An Italian Writing Teacher Writes by Elisa Golinelli

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Elisa Golinelli, a teacher in Mirandola, Italy, became a part of our Time to Write Workshop this summer. Despite the language difference, Elisa came to the workshop not only ready to write, but to listen to the other teacher-writers talk about their writing and their writing classrooms.

Elisa shared that in Italy, teaching writing is mostly grammar-focused. She is on a mission to bring the writing workshop not only to her students, but to students throughout Italy. Elisa is the author of a book about writing workshops and she continues to explore the connection between teaching writing and being a teacher-writer.

Enjoy Elisa's story:

I’m an Italian middle school teacher and for the last four years, I've been experimenting using the writing workshop with my students.

In Italian school, the the most common way to teach writing is:

  • ask to student to "write well"

  • write all the same writing prompts

  • usually the topic is assigned by the teacher and not freely chosen by students