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5 Tips to Show Up To Writing Every Day

Recently on our social media pages, I shared 5 tips for approaching a daily writing routine. I was rather proud of the series and wanted to make sure they could be appreciated together -- just in case someone missed out on one of the tips as they were posted! If you have wanted to begin a daily writing routine, here is my advice:

Tip #1: We make time for what we see as a priority.

This advise was delivered by a colleague of mine during one of our PLC times: "We will make time for what we see as a priority."

She said it in regards to reading during class, but this can apply to so many things. I apply it to writing. Why? Because sometimes I find it hard to write every day. I have so many other obligations. How can I find time for writing?

Simple: I MAKE time!

Usually that time is in the morning -- waking up early to write in my notebook. Other times it's in the evenings when I am meeting with my fellow writers at the Teach Write Academy. And then some days the only writing I do is with my students. Because even in my classroom I have made sure to carve out time for writing because I see it as a priority.

Before you can establish it as a daily routine, YOU will need to decide if it is a priority for you YOU will make time for writing, because you see writing as a priority!

Tip #2: We show up to the page every day.

Sometimes the hardest challenge to overcome is not the act of writing, but the act of starting to write.