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Looking for an Online Writing Group?

If you are looking to be a part of a fun, close-knit group of teacher-writers, the Time to Write! Online Workshop is the place to be.


Here are some common questions I am often asked about the workshop:

How will the Time to Write! Online Workshop make me a better writing teacher?

When you write, you gain an insider's view of the writing process that no textbook or curriculum can share. You discover ways to get past your fears in writing, how to work through the hard parts, and how writing helps you learn new things--and THEN you can teach your students these things too.

How does the workshop work? We meet online via Zoom one evening each week from 6:00 - 7:30 pm ET where we:

  • Check-in

  • Set writing goals for our time together & for the week

  • Report on our progress (Accountability!)

  • Offer each other support, connection & community

  • WRITE! (Weekly sessions will include one hour of virtual writing time.)

Where does the workshop meet?

Our meetings are held online using Zoom. All you need is a computer/tablet with a camera and microphone. A quiet place to work helps too.

What do I write?

Anything you want! There is no assigned writing, but we are here to give you ideas if you need them.

In the past, participants have worked on:

  • Journal writing ("Anytime" Pages)

  • Classroom newsletters

  • Article drafts

  • Blog posts

  • Book revisions

  • Fiction pieces for fun

Do I have to share my writing or give feedback?

Generally, no. This group is not a critique group. Occasionally, a group member may ask for some feedback, but that is not the norm. We are just here to write together, encourage each other as writers and as teachers of writers, and to have fun.

How long does each workshop run?

You sign up for the workshop a month at a time. (Although most of the teacher-writers return each month!)

Who takes this workshop? Educators just like YOU!

  • Some have strong writing lives and are working on big projects, such as books and journal articles.

  • Others are brand new to writing and joined to develop a new writing habit and learn how they can connect it to their writing instruction.

  • Then there are those in between -- teacher-writers who simply like to get together to write and talk about writing instruction.

How many people are in the workshop?

Our workshop group is kept small to allow us to get to know each other and really dive deep into our writing and teaching lives. Each month the enrollment varies, but I try to keep it around 10.

Why should I take this workshop?

The Time to Write! Workshop is a great opportunity if...

  • You struggle with teaching writing.

  • You are looking to dedicate time to your writing each week

  • You want to learn more about the teaching/writing connection or about writing in general

  • You are looking for support or inspiration

  • You want to meet some really great teacher-writers who like to inspire & support each other.

What if I'm nervous to join?

Then you are completely normal.

I can assure you that this is a very friendly, very fun group of teacher-writers. We are here to support and encourage each other.

New sessions begin soon! I hope you will join us.


Here's what some of our participants have to say about the Time to Write! Online Workshop:

"Teach Write has changed my life as a teacher of writers and as a teacher who writes. The "Time to Write!" writing group bolsters my writing habit and helps me to keep writing a priority in my life. Our small online group gathers together once each week to share our writing successes and struggles, write together for a solid hour, and then we share our writing hopes and goals for the week ahead. I look forward to these meet-ups -- a highlight of my week -- and the community we have built together. "

-Christie Wyman

Kindergarten Teacher

Prior to my participation in this workshop, I considered myself a teacher who dreamt of being a writer...someday. I held this dream for most of my life, yet for various reasons, I denied myself permission to realize my dream. My yearning to write, though, continued to grow, so I decided to do something about it. Since joining the weekly Wednesday night Time to Write! workshop, I have gained confidence in myself as a writer. I AM a writer! It is no longer "I want to be a writer someday." I appreciate the encouragement I have received

from everyone in the group.

-Tracy Vogelgesang

Grades 3-5 Writing Teacher

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