The Writing Round-Up {8.31.19}

Welcome to the August 31, 2019 edition of the Teach Write Writing Round-Up.

Every week, I gather tips for teaching writing and for growing as a teacher who writes and put them right here all in one place.

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Now, onto this week's tips!

Graphic Organizers with Purpose:

Erika Watts and the Writers Who Care website explore how teachers can make graphic organizers more purposeful and powerful in "When Students Need Structure: Utilizing Graphic Organizers."

Launching Writer's Workshop with Passion & Purpose:

Start the year of writing workshop strong with these tips from Kathleen Sokolowski and Two Writing Teachers.

What are Your Writing Rules?:

What are your 10 rules for writing? Tammy Breitweiser shares her in this post on Medium. (This would be an interesting idea to explore for the classroom too!)


DID YOU KNOW THAT Teachers who write...

  • are stronger teachers of writers?

  • find teaching writing to be easier?

  • can respond to their student-writers with empathy & understanding?

  • find planning for instruction & differentiation easier?

  • are great people to know?

If you are ready to grow as a teacher who writes,

please join us in the

Time to Write Online Writing Workshop

Tuesday evenings this September

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50 Ways Students Can Improve their Writing:

Literacy for Pleasure shares a nice list of ways students can improve their writing. (#3 is my favorite. What's yours?)

Creation IS Messy:

How does creating something (a story, a painting, a poem, etc.) compare to building a house? Julie Duffy explores this interesting analogy in her Writer UnBoxed post.

Writer's Workshop for High School:

Shaelynn Farnsworth shares how she runs a writer's workshop for her high school writers in this post. A great read as you start thinking about the upcoming school year!

Let's Chat:

Please join us on Monday, September 2 (Labor Day here in the US) at 7:00 pm ET for our monthly #TeachWrite Twitter chat. This month, we are kicking off the year of teaching writing by sharing how we can bring our writing lives into our classrooms. You can sign up for a text reminder here. Please join us!


I hope to see you back here next week for the next edition of The Writing Round-Up.

Write away!


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