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The Writing Round-Up {5.11.19}

Welcome to the May 11, 2019 edition of the Teach Write Writing Round-Up.

Every week, I gather tips for teaching writing and for growing as a teacher who writes and put them right here all in one place.

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Now, onto this week's tips!

Behold the Power of a Mentor Sentence:

Mentor sentences are an excellent way to demonstrate writing craft and incorporate grammar lessons. Teacher Tracy Vogelgesang explores how she uses mentor sentences in her classroom and how especially powerful it is when the mentor sentence is written by a student in her post, "The Power of a Mentor Sentence."

Welcome to the Writing Cafe:

Looking for a fun activity to wrap up your school year that you will for sure want to incorporate at the beginning of next school year? Check out this series on how to start a Writing Cafe by Shelley Fenton and Krista Senatore of Lit Coach Connection.

Understanding 'Show, Don't Tell':

We tell our students to practice 'show, don't tell' in their writing, but it is sometimes difficult to explain what this means. Author K.M. Weiland offers 8 tips to understanding this important concept in her post, "8 Quick Tips for Show, Don't Tell."

Reflecting On Your Year of Teaching Writing:

Before the school year ends, take some time to reflect on this past year of teaching writing. As planning for the next school year begins, you'll be glad you did. Our post offers some guiding questions to get you started.


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Pixar Teaches Storytelling:

Pixar Studios and Khan Academy have teamed up for a short tutorial on storytelling told only as Pixar can. Check it out here.

Tips for Submitting Your Fiction Writing:

Are you a fiction writer and are thinking of submitting your work for publication? Author Lynne Lumsden Green shares "Seven Tips for Submitting Your Fiction for Publication" on the Well Storied website

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