The Writing Round-Up {2.09.19}

Welcome to the February 9, 2019 edition of the Teach Write Writing Round-Up!

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Now, onto this week's tips!

Classroom Writing Instruction & the Struggling Writer:

Before we label a student as a "struggling writer," it's important to make sure that quality writing instruction is happening in the classroom. Jennifer Floyd shares some excellent questions to consider when doing this in her post, "Quality Writing Instruction in the Regular Classroom."

Writing to the Test:

Test season will soon be upon us. In hopes of raising writing test scores, some schools have reduced writing instruction to a fill-in-the-blank practice. (Yikes!) David Finkle explores more in his post, "Writing as Filling the Blanks."

Why You Need a Writing Group:

Writing groups offer inspiration, support, encouragement and accountability. Is 2019 your year to find your writing group? This post from The Write Life explains more about the benefits of a writing group and shares tips to find one. (Don't forget about our Teach Write Writing Center for Teacher-Writers and our Teach Write FB group too! )

The Cure for Cabin Fever:

Struggling with this winter weather? Write! Check out "Cabin Fever Writing Month" for more.


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Make Time to Write in March:

The Time to Write! online writing workshop March cohort is now forming! We will meet every Wednesday evening in March from 6-7:30 pm Eastern. Join now to save your place in this small group that will help you build the writing habit you've always wanted.

Texting & Spelling:

Is texting leading to demise of spelling and other grammar skills? Check out "Does Texting Spell the Death of Students' Grammar?" from Jeremy Hyler and the National Writing Project.

Writing After a Break:

In last week's #TeachWrite Twitter chat, we talked about how we get back to writing after a short break (or break-up). Janalyn Voight offers tips to help you find your writing groove again in "Writing After an Interruption."


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Write away!


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