The Writing Round-Up {1.12.19}

Welcome to the January 12, 2019 edition of The Teach Write Writing Round-Up, a gathering of tips for teaching writing and for growing as a teacher who writes.

2019 is off and running and we've found some great tips for you this week so let's get started!

Developing Students' Writing Identity:

How do you help students' develop their own identities as writers? Pernille Ripp shares her thoughts in "I Am Not a Writer--On Developing Student Writing Identity."

Take Time for Quick Writes:

Don't have time for a full session of writing workshop? Want to incorporate writing into your content areas? Check out "Provide More Writing Opportunities with Quick Writes" from the Stenhouse blog and Paula Bourque.

Make Goals, Not Resolutions:

In this video, John Green shares why he sets goals instead of making resolutions as the new year begins. I was especially excited that he shared a bit about his 2019 writing goals!


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Editing Extravaganza!

If you are thinking about publishing, it's important to know the different kinds of editing that will polish up your final copy. "The Different Types of Editing Explained" from Writer UnBoxed tells you what you need to know. (It would be interesting to share these with students too.)

Writing in the Content Area:

Want to spread more writing time throughout your day? Short, frequent writing in the content areas is one way to make that happen as Nancy Steineke shares in "The Keys to Content Area Writing" from ASCD.

Writing to Discover:

How often do you give yourself (or your students) time and space to write to explore your thinking and feelings? When you do, it is amazing what you will uncover. Listen to the podcast "Writing to Discover -- Starting with Yourself" from Ann Kroeker to learn more.


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