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The Writing Round-Up {12.22.18}

Welcome to the December 22, 2018 edition of The Writing Round-Up, a gathering of tips for teaching writing and for growing as a teacher who writes.

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Be sure to check out the bottom of this post for information about our big year-end wrap-up happening next week!

Now, on to this week's Round-Up!


Start your 2019 writing year off right!

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Student Writing Awards:

If you teach high school, you may be interested in the Achievement Writing Award from NCTE.

The Reading/Writing Connection:

Wonder about the relationship between reading and writing and how they support each other? Check out this very insightful post, "What is the Relationship Between Reading & Writing? It's Linear," from Teach Thought.

Why Students Struggle to Write About Their Thinking:

Asking students to explain their thinking through writing is not as simple as it may sound. "How to Help Students Explain Their Ideas in Writing" from MiddleWeb explains why and how you can help your students develop this skill.

Getting Unstuck in Your Writing:

Whenever you feel stuck in your writing (and we all do), here's a neat trick from Jane Friedman that can get those words flowing again.

More Tips to Beat Writer's Block:

If the above tip doesn't work, here are 21 more tips to beat writer's block from the Book Baby blog. (The post also includes a great infographic!)

The Gifts of Writing:

If you are a writer (and I really hope you are!), you know how much writing enhances life. "The Gifts of the Writing Life" from Writer UnBoxed explains how writing is the gift that keeps on giving.

What Are Your 2019 Writing Goals?

Start 2019 off 'write' by joining us for our next Twitter chat on Monday, January 7th at 7:30 pm ET. We will be chatting about setting writing goals for the new year and would love to have you join us! You can sign up for a text reminder here.


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Next week, we will be back with our BIG year-end Round-Up of all of our favorite tips from 2018. There will be lots of tips for both teacher-writers and teachers of writers. You won't want to miss it so be sure that you have joined our email list or followed us on Twitter if you haven't already.

Have a great week and happy holidays!

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