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The Writing Round-Up {12.01.18}

Happy December! Welcome to the December 1, 2018 edition of The Writing Round-Up, a gathering of tips for teaching writing and for growing as a teacher writer. We appreciate you stopping by.

Whether you are a teacher of writers or a teacher who writes, we've found some great tips for you this week! Let's get started...


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"I Can't Write":

When someone talks to you about writing, is your first response to them, "I can't write"? If it is, please read our post, "The Untruth Behind the Excuse: I'm Not a Writer."

2019 Writing Goals:

Is growing your writing habit one of your goals for 2019? If it is, consider joining one of our Teach Write Academy Virtual Writing Workshops in January. We are offering two cohorts to fit your schedule -- one on Wednesday evenings and another on Saturday mornings. Come meet and write with other teacher-writers and start your 2019 writing off with a bang!

Writing is Messy:

An incredible freedom occurs when you realize that writing doesn't have to be perfect. Check out "My Joyful Return (or Whatever...)" from teacher Darren Victory where he details how he has learned that writing is all about "the creative joy", not perfection, and is teaching his students the same.

Finding Time to Write:

Want to write but can't seem to find the time? Writing Coach Ann Kroeker shares four tips for helping you make your own writing a priority, many of which have a classroom application as well.

Let's Chat!:

Join us on Monday, 12/3 at 7:30 PM ET for our monthly #TeachWrite chat. This month, our theme is INSPIRED TO WRITE and will be tons of fun and leave you with lots of inspiration! You can sign up for a text reminder of our chats here.


Have a great week!

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