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The Writing Round-Up {11.10.18}

Welcome to the November 10, 2018 edition of The Writing Round-Up, a gathering of tips for teaching writing and for growing as a teacher writer. We appreciate you stopping by.

Whether you are a teacher of writers or a teacher who writes, we've found some great tips for you this week! Let's get started...

Writing Tips from J.K., Angie, Veronica & More:

Some of today's most popular YA authors share their tips for writing in this post from She Writes. (Students may enjoy these tips too!)

You ARE a Writer!:

Do you struggle with telling others that you are a writer? Sometimes feel like a fraud? Enjoy the "The Power of Believing in Yourself as a Writer" podcast from NaNoWriMo for a little much needed encouragement.

Reigniting the Notebook:

Now that the energy and enthusiasm of the beginning of the year has passed, how are you keeping your students engaged with their writing notebook? If you need some ideas, Stacey Shubitz has some for you in her Two Writing Teachers post, "Six Ways to Keep the Energy of Writer's Notebooks Alive All Year Long."

Write by Hand or Type?:

Curious about which is better? Check out this post and infographic, "The Benefits of Writing By Hand Versus Typing" from Lifehacker.