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The Writing Round-Up {10.27.18}

Welcome to the October 27, 2018 edition of The Writing Round-Up, a gathering of tips for teaching writing and for growing as a teacher writer.

Are you headed to NCTE in Houston next month? If you are, we hope you will join us at a #TeachWrite writing meetup and notebook exchange on Saturday, November 17. The time and date is still TBD, but you can sign up for a text reminder and we will let you know when we figure it all out.

Whether you are a teacher of writers or a teacher who writes, we've found some great tips for you this week! Let's get started...

Looking for a Writing Group?:

Did you know that teachers who write make the best teachers of writers? Isn't it time to get your own writing life up and moving again? Join the next cohort of teacher-writers in a virtual writing workshop that begins 11/7. Write from the comfort of your own home and connect with some pretty amazing and supportive teacher-writers. Space is limited to six writers to keep things cozy. Join us!

Writing to Learn:

Often times, we only ask our students to write to show us what they know. But how often do we ask them to write to discover new learning? Read "I Write to Learn What I Think" from Matthew Johnson to learn why this exploratory writing can lead to huge benefits for students.

Many Reasons to Write:

Writing becomes more purposeful when students understand the purpose of their writing. Deb Frazier explores this concept in her Two Writing Teachers post, "Helping Writers See Why We Write."

Writing & the Brain:

How does writing affect the brain? Check out this fun infographic and see!

Show, Don't Tell?:

We tell our students to practice "show, don't tell" in their writing, but what does this really mean? "How to Balance 'Show, Don't Tell' in Your Writing" from Kristin Keiffer and the Well-Storied website explains more.

Wear Your Writer Pride:

Show the world that you are a writer and share your #TeachWrite pride! Order your very own "Writer." t-shirt for just $25 (includes shipping/tax). Shirts are Gildan brand, 100% cotton, black with white lettering and say "Writer." on the front and #TeachWrite on the back. Order by 11/1 and shirts will ship the week of 11/10. (We'd love to see you wear yours at NCTE!) Order your shirt here for just $25.

Let's Chat!

Join us on Monday, November 5 at 7:30pm ET for the November #TeachWrite Chat. We will be sharing a Potluck of Writing Questions that were submitted by our #TeachWrite audience. Want a reminder of our chat? You can sign up here.


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Have a great writing week!

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