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The Writing Round-Up {11.17.18}

Welcome to the November 17, 2018 edition of The Writing Round-Up, a gathering of tips for teaching writing and for growing as a teacher writer. We appreciate you stopping by.

If you are at NCTE this weekend, don't forget about our #TeachWrite Meetup and Notebook Exchange at 4:30pm on Saturday. To find out where we will meet, sign up for our Remind and we will send a text message.

Whether you are a teacher of writers or a teacher who writes, we've found some great tips for you this week! Let's get started...


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Shiny New Idea Syndrome:

Do you lack focus in your writing? Always hopping from current writing topic to new writing topic? From current story to new story? Are your students? Check out "How to Overcome Shiny New Idea Syndrome & Find Writing Focus" from Kristin Keiffer for tips to help you stop switching and start finishing.

Tips for Writing Memoir:

Do you teach memoir writing to your students? Want to give it a try yourself? Ralph Fletcher makes it easier with these tips in his Nerdy Book Club post, "Five Doors into Memoir."

Managing Writing Workshop Time:

Wondering how to use your writing workshop time to its fullest? Rebekah O'Dell from Moving Writers can show you in her post, "Time in Workshop: FAQs".

Two {Powerful} Little Words:

If you (or your students) are looking to sharpen up their writing, learning how to use these two little words can work wonders. Nicole Bianchi explains in her post, "The Two Magic Words That Will Strengthen Your Writing."

Good Advice/Bad Advice:

You've probably heard a lot of writing "shoulds" in your life. This post from Writer UnBoxed breaks down the shoulds and shares which ones are worth listening to and which ones are not.

The Writing Round-Up is taking a break next week for the Thanksgiving weekend so we will see you back here on 12/1!

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