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The Writing Round-Up {9.08.18}

Welcome to the September 8, 2018 edition of The Writing Round-Up, a gathering of tips for teaching writing and for growing as a teacher who writes.

We appreciate you stopping by! We've put together some great tips this week to get your writing year off right.

Let's get started...

Unpacking Students' Writing Baggage:

What kinds of past writing experiences are your students carrying into your classroom this year? Now is the time to help your students unpack that baggage so they can have their best year yet. Here's how!

Playing with Words:

Some of my favorite read alouds involve books that play around with words. Writers' Rumpus shares some tips for adding word play to your own writing. Students looking for a bit of a challenge may enjoy giving this a try too!

Crafting a Strong Story:

While writing can be a bit of a mystery, knowing the elements of good writing can make the job easier. The website Novel Now shares 10 elements of good writing. Which one do you think your students need to learn?

Feedback or Feedforward?:

If we can't change the past, shouldn't we be more focused on the changes students can make in their writing to be more successful in the future? This concept is what Jennifer Gonzalez from Cult of Pedagogy explores in her post, "Moving From Feedback to Feedforward."

The Art of Possibility:

Another must-read post from Matthew Johnson continues this conversation around mistake mindset and how we can help students change their thoughts in regards to mistakes and failures in his post, "How I Teach My Students to Fail Forward."

Tips for Teaching Writing:

Looking for some new ideas to start off your year of teaching writing? The National Writing Project has got 30 of them for you.

Get Back Your Writing Groove:

Fall writing workshops for teachers are now forming in the Teach Write Academy. Now that you've settled back into your school routine, it's a good time to return to your writing or start a new writing habit. Join with other teacher-writers to write, collaborate, and connect! Workshops begin the week of 9/16 and space is limited so sign up today! More information can be found here.


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