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The Writing Round-Up {9.01.18}

Welcome to the September 1, 2018 edition of The Writing Round-Up, a gathering of tips for teaching writing and for growing as a teacher writer. Thanks for stopping by!

We've found some great tips for you this week that will help you grow as a stronger teacher of writers, a teacher-writer yourself or BOTH! Remember, many of the things that work for you as a writer may also work for your students so share your learning with them too.

Now, let's get started!

Writing Tips for All:

I came across this archive of writing tips from Kristin Kieffer and her Well-Storied website and instantly fell in love! Be prepared to spend A LOT of time here because there are so many great tips!

Strong Story Starts:

The first few lines of a story will often determine if a reader keeps reading or not. Check out "Finding Sentences to Start a Story: 7 Methods" from Now Novel for seven interesting ways to begin your fiction writing. (These are great for student writing too!)

Mix In a Motif:

A motif is a repeating image, sound, idea or phrase in a creative work that often holds deeper symbolism and meaning. Adding a motif to your writing is a way to add depth and interest. For more on how to do this, check out "Why a Motif is Just What Your Story Needs" from Paige Duke and Standout Books. (Thanks to Valinda Kimmel for sharing this post with us!)

Fiction Writing Contests:

Looking for a writing contest to try out your latest fiction piece? Writer UnBoxed has a nice list of contests that are seeking submissions this fall.

Write All Day Long:

Helping students build their writing identities should not be confined only to writing class. Kelsey Corter shares a few ways you can help your students grow as writers all day long in her Two Writing Teacher's post, "Writers, Not Just for Workshop."

Let's Chat:

Join us on Monday, 9/3, at 7:30 pm ET for our September #TeachWrite Twitter chat. We will be sharing ways that we can bring our writing lives into our classroom and would love to have you join us! (Text reminders are available here.)


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Have a great week!

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