The Writing Round-Up {8.18.18}

Welcome to the August 18, 2018 edition of The Writing Round-Up, a gathering of tips for teaching writing and for growing as a teacher-writer yourself. We appreciate you stopping by!

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Now, on to this week's tips!

This Week's Tips:

Want to Be a Writer?:

Are you waiting for permission (or publication) to call yourself a writer? Jen Hatmaker shares some wonderful wisdom and advice for ALL of us (students too!) in On Becoming a Writer. (Thank you to Dr. Mary Howard for sharing this with us!)

Mining for Diamonds in Writing:

Teaching students to write small moment narratives is tough to do when they struggle to whittle down their story to the essential focus. Literacy for Pleasure has another take on helping students write small in their post, "The Diamond Moment: One of the Most Precious Lessons You Can Teach."

Putting Away Perfectionism:

Is your need for perfectionism holding you back from making your writing public or sharing it with others (including your students)? Read "How to Defeat Your Perfectionism in Writing" for tips on how to put your perfectionism to rest.

The Role of Revision:

As you begin a new school year, it is the perfect time to impress upon your students the role that revision makes in writing well. Matthew Johnson shares how he teaches his students how to revise, right from the start of the year, in "Writing is Revision."