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The Writing Round-Up {8.04.18}

Welcome to the August 4, 2018 edition of The Writing Round-Up, a gathering of tips for teaching writing and for growing as a teacher-writer yourself. Thanks for stopping by!

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Now, on to this week's Writing Round-Up!

For Teachers of Writers

Interesting (and Authentic!) Informational Writing:

There are so many more ways students can share their learning than writing a research paper. "Information Writing That's Not 'The Research Paper' from Rebekah O'Dell and Moving Writers shares some great ideas and tips to make informational writing more interesting and authentic.

Students Are Authors Too!:

There is power in writing for an authentic audience and for an authentic purpose. Check out how this UK teacher helped her students publish a book and the results it brought to her writing classroom. If you are interested in a publishing project, check out our Cartonera Classrooms program.

Writing Workshop or Writer's Workshop?:

As you look to begin a new year, consider what you call this time of day when your students write. Check out "Writing Workshop vs. Writer's Workshop" from Brian Kissel and ILA to learn the important difference between these two phrases.

For Teachers Who Write

It's Okay to Write Poorly:

Before you can find your creative genius, you need to create -- A LOT! That means that we will not always like what we write, but we can't give up. Check out "How to Be a Creative Genius" from Alex Mathers for more on this. Failure is NOT an option.

Overcoming Writing Inertia:

We've probably all felt it...that draining feeling of not wanting to write. How can we turn things around and start writing again? Janalyn Voight has some tips in "Making Time to Write: Overcoming Writing Inertia."

Writing Dazzling Dialogue:

Writing powerful and effective dialogue can be tricky. We want the words we us (both figuratively and literally) to do a job. "How to Write Dialogue That Dazzles Your Readers" from the Write Practice shares six tips to spruce up your dialogue skills.

Keep Your Writing Momentum Moving:

The start of a new school year does not mean that you need to put your writing habit away with your sunscreen and picnic basket. Make a commitment to keep your writing life moving forward by signing up for one of the fall Teach Write Academy Courses. Classes begin in September!

We will also be chatting about our writing momentum on Monday, 8/6 at 7:30 pm ET in the #TeachWrite Twitter chat. Please join us! (You can sign up for a text reminder here.)


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