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The Writing Round-Up {7.14.18}

Welcome to the July 14, 2018 edition of The Writing Round-Up, a gathering of tips for teaching writing and for growing as a teacher-writer yourself. Thank you for stopping by!

For Teachers of Writers

Exploring the Writing Workshop:

In his article, "A Defense of the Writing Workshop," Teacher-author Travis Crowder explains why the workshop is important to his writing classroom and shares some ways you, too, can bring this experience to your student-writers.

Lowering Our Writing Filters:

Before students can develop their process and mechanics of writing, they first need to know that their words have meaning and value. "Lowering the Filter: A Key to Better Writing" by teacher George Evans is a must-read before you begin your next school year.

Rethinking Revision:

Revision can be confusing. It is often difficult to teach and difficult for students to do. "Rethinking Revision: The Real Work of Writing" from Ruth Culham and Middle Web explores why revision is the most important work of writing and share some ways that you can help your students through their revision process.

Every Student is an Author:

Looking for a fun and meaningful writing project for your school or classroom next year? Check out The Cartonera Project and become a Cartonera Classroom for 2018-2019. It's not too early to start planning how you will honor your students' writing efforts in the coming year.

For Teachers Who Write

Find Your Voice:

Finding your voice as a writer is something that plagues us all from time to time. Jen Morris shares some tips for finding your voice in her post, "Find Your Voice, Share Your Story."

Pantser or Planner?: How do you plan your writing? Whether you are a planner or not, you will enjoy "How To Write a Book Using an Outline" from the Write Practice which offers valuable tips for all of us.

Busting Through Excuses:

What is keeping you from your writing? How to Bust Excuses and Focus on Your Writing Like Ray Bradbury will help you see those delays for what they most likely are -- excuses -- and get you back on track.

Let's Chat:

Our next #TeachWrite Twitter chat is Monday, August 6th at 7:30pm ET. We will be chatting about ways to keep our writing momentum going as we begin a new school year. You can sign up for a text reminder here.


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