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The Writing Round-Up {6.16.18}

Welcome to the June 16, 2018 edition of the Writing Round-Up, a gathering of tips for teaching writing and for growing as a writer yourself. We are glad you're here!

For Teachers of Writers

What Are Your Questions About Teaching Writing?

Whether you've been in the classroom for 20 years or 2 years, we've all got questions about teaching writing. I'd love to feature your questions in a "Questions From the Classroom" section in my upcoming book about teaching writing. Please see our survey for more information.

Writing Information Galore!:

Check out the National Writing Project's new powerhouse of information on teaching writing and being a teacher who writes. Write/Learn Lead: A Collection of Knowledge from the National Writing Project is a great place to go when you want to know more.

Writers Write for Readers:

"What Do Writers Write" from Avi and the Nerdy Book Club is a great exploration on the connection between writing and reading.

Using Comics to Teach Writing:

"Exploring Writing Through Comics" by Jason DeHart and Teachers & Writers Magazine explores how comics and graphic novels are an engaging way to teach about character and plot.

For Teachers Who Write

Grow as a Writer this Summer:

We have just four spots left in the Teach Write Academy's summer online writing workshops. I am capping the attendance at 20 to ensure a small, personal, connected experience for all participants. If you want to get serious about your writing habit and return to the classroom next fall armed with new ideas for teaching writing, join me! (I promise, it will be FUN, too!)

Stories Surround Us:

Don't know what to write about? "Stories Surround Us: So How Do We Harness Them?" from Seekerville shows us how a simple walk through the day's newspaper headlines can spark a writing idea.

Finding Time to Write:

Author/blogger Janalyn Voight is beginning a new blog series to help writers find time to write. This week: Identifying what's getting in your way of writing.

How to Write Like Stephen King:

Enjoy these tips from The Write Practice on how you, too, can adopt some of the writing habits and practices of writer-extraordinaire, Stephen King.


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