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Summer Writing Opportunities for Teacher-Writers

How do you plan to spend the long days of summer?

If you are reading this, there's a pretty good chance that you will be filling your days with some writing.

* Maybe you want practice your writing in hopes of improving.

* Maybe you want to build a notebook that you can share with your writing students.

* Maybe you want to understand the writing process from the inside-out.

* Maybe you want to know what your students experience when they face a blank page.

* Maybe you want to document your life.

* Maybe you...

Whatever your reasons, there are lots of ways you can grow as a teacher-writer this summer, including:

Moving Writers 100 Days of Summer Writing: Inspiration comes in the form of a different prompt from May 29 through September 5.

Kate Messner's Teachers Write!: Join Kate Messner, her writing friends, and thousands of other teacher-writers to learn and grow your writing muscles from July 9 - August 3.

#DWHabit Word of the Day: Each morning at 6:00 am CT, I publish a new word on both Twitter and Facebook that you can use to spark some writing ideas. Share what you write using #DWHabit.

Go Teen Writers 100 for 100 Writing Challenge: While this challenge has already begun, you can still join in the fun and challenge yourself to write 100 words on the same project for 100 days straight.

#TeachWrite Tribe Facebook Group: Join us in the #TeachWrite Tribe FB group for regular inspiration and connection to other teacher-writers.

Teach Write Academy Online Writing Workshops: Let's write together this summer in one of our online writing workshops which run June 26 through July 30. Inspiration, community, & accountability will make 2018 the summer of YOU growing as a teacher-writer.

Don't let summer slip away! Make 2018 the year you grow as a teacher-writer. You will thank yourself later.


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