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The Writing Round-Up {5.19.18}

Thank you for stopping by the May 19, 2018 edition of The Writing Round-Up, a gathering of tips for teaching writing and for growing as a teacher-writer.

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For Teachers of Writers

100 Days of Summer Writing:

The Moving Writers website has graciously shared an amazing free resource to help students (and teachers) write all summer long. Check out "The 100 Days of Summer Writing" for more information.

The Power of Peer Critiques:

Do your students work with a trusted group of writing peers who can provide feedback and writing support? Author Melissa Stewart shares how she leans on her critique group and how students can do the same in her post, "The Power of Peer Critiques."

Embracing Grammar:

How do you teach grammar skills? In his Edutopia post, "Grammar: The Skunk at the Garden Party," Matthew Johnson shares ideas for taking grammar instruction out of isolation (worksheets) and putting it into your reading and writing instruction.

Getting to Know the Notebook:

Writer's notebooks can be a powerful tool, but what, exactly, goes into a notebook? My post, "Getting to Know the Writer's Notebook," will give you some ideas to get started, as well as give you a look at my notebooks.

For Teachers Who Write

100-For-100 Summer Writing Challenge:

Looking for a little writing challenge for the summer? Check out the 100-For-100 Writing Challenge from Go Teen Writers. Writing 100 words is about the length a long paragraph, but the key here is consistency in writing on the same project every day. You can do it! Hurry! Deadline to sign up is May 24.

Rejection is a Common Thing:

When someone rejects our writing, it sure does hurt. But we are not alone. Turns out, some of the world's most famous authors and their writing experienced the same thing. Check out "For Writers, Rejection is a Way of Life" from Erica Verrillo and The Writer's Cooperative. (I especially like the feedback Stephen King received for his novel, Carrie. What was that reviewer thinking?)

The Story Process:

I love reading how other writers go about their writing process. "My Story Process" from author Debby Giusti is a detailed account of how she goes from inspiration to publication. It's a very interesting look into this writer's writing life!

100 Best Blogs for Writers:

Looking for more writing advice and inspiration? You'll find it on this list of 100 Best Blogs for Writers. I am a huge fan of Jeff Goins and Writer Unboxed and know you'll love them too.


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