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The Writing Round-Up {5.12.18}

Welcome to the Writing Round-Up, a gathering of tips for teaching writing and for growing as a teacher-writer yourself. We hope you had a good week! Thanks for stopping by.

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Now, on to the Writing Round-Up...

For Teachers of Writers

Reflecting & Looking Forward:

Did you accomplish all you had hoped for this year? What do you want to change for next year? Kathleen Sokolowski explores that gap between the writing teacher we are and the writing teacher we'd like to be in her Two Writing Teachers post, "Organization Wishes and Happy Writing Dreams."

More Narrative Writing?:

Many state standards have called for an increase in analytical reading and writing skills, leaving narrative work behind. But has this move actually backfired and made it harder for students to think analytically? Gwen Flaskamp explores this idea in her post, "How To Increase Students' Analytic Writing Skills? Via Narrative Writing, Of Course!"

Notebook Play:

Why is the notebook such an important tool for writers? Why should we encourage our students to spend lots of time trying out new things in their notebook? How can we incorporate the notebook into our writing classroom? Megan Kortlandt from Moving Writers shares her thoughts in "The Most Essential School Supply (Plus 3 Instructional Practices to Make the Most of It!)."

What Good Things Happens When Teachers Write?

Blogger Rachael Walker asked three teacher-writers this question. Here's what they had to say. Ready to try writing for yourself? Check out the offer below.

For Teachers Who Write

Write With Us This Summer!:

Announcing the launch of The Teach Write Academy, our online teacher writing center. We are offering two online writing workshops this summer and would love to have you write with us. Get $10 off your course by using the code TRIBE at checkout by Wednesday, 5/16.

Writers Write...Right?:

If you've ever felt guilty or made yourself feel bad over NOT writing, you must read "Writers Write, Right" from Writer Unboxed.

Easy Book Cover Design:

Check out this free resource from Derek Murphy to design 2-D and 3-D book covers. Such fun!


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